What is a brand and why should I care?

Many people think of a brand as an expensive logo (maybe the Nike "Swoosh" or Coca-cola logo), however creating a brand is much more than just having a nice logo. In its true sense your brand comprises of every way you communicate your business to the world.

There are 3 things to address when putting your brand out there: Eyes, brain and heart.

1) Eyes: Does your logo, stationery, website, signage, vehicles, presentation of your staff etc correctly reflect your company and it's market? Would you trust a painter who turned up in a beat-up van, looking like he had just rolled out of bed, even if he handed over a nice stylish business card? Brand consistency is vitally important every time a customer views any part of your business.

2) Brain: People need to trust you and your business before they will buy from you. Does your advertising and general "communication" reassure the brain of your potential clients that spending money with you is a good thing to do? This may involve a by-line to enforce your brand to staff and customers e.g The Warehouse: "Where Everyone Gets a Bargain"

3) Heart: This part of branding is often neglected by smaller businesses. Companies like Coke, Vodafone or Lion Nathan spend millions on making you feel good about their company and products. For smaller businesses the key is to include your clients / customers in your business as much as possible. Be honest and reliable, build relationships and communicate with your customers as much as possible, acknowledge your faults and put them right.

If you would like to know more or would like some help revising your company brand drop in for a coffee and free discussion.