Why do print prices vary so much?

You have a great design, now you just need it printed. So you ring around for the obligatory three quotes only to be confused by the huge price difference and specifications that make it difficult to compare apples with apples.

The basic rule is that to be cost effective and get the right result you have to have the right printing machine for the job.

Here's the basics you need to know:

1) Digital Printing:

Digital printing has been around a while now and are much better quality than the early days. Simply put they are high quality laser printers which are cost effective to purchase/ lease and run.

Pros: Cost effective, good for short runs, faster turnaround
Cons: Not as sharp as an offset printer. Low end models have poor quality.

2) Offset Printing

Offset printing uses the physical process of metal plates, one for each colour for each sheet printed. They can range in size from a 1 colour machine to up to 10 colours printed in one run.

Pros: The best quality. Great for large print runs. The only way to print metallics and specific PMS colours.
Cons: Expensive for lower volumes, Longer delivery time.

03) Hybrid Printing

Essentially an offset machine but the plates are created on the machine, so it behaves like a digital printer.

Pros: Offset quality that can handle shorter print runs.
Cons: Not many printers have them.

Hanson Creative has access to all three types of machines and agreements in place to ensure our prices are as good (often better) than buying direct. So if you'd rather us handle the whole process for you, we'd be happy to!