The budget's tight, how do I promote more for less?

This is a question we are asked often so we have put together our top 5 tips on advertising in a recession:

1)  Website: An effective website can not only act as a salesperson that works 24 hours a day to a worldwide audience, it can also save you administration time.

Think about the repetitive communication you may do, like sending clients documents and information, or answering the same questions on the phone. Much of this can be handled by a website and can be done securely if the information is sensitive.

But, make sure your website reflects professionally on your company and that it can be found easily on google!

2) Review your advertising Analyse where you are spending your advertising budget and if it is not effective move that budget to a channel that will work. We have seen that spending advertising with google or industry specific websites can give much better ROI than newspaper or magazine advertising - even for non technology based businesses.

3) Make it consistent: If all your advertising, website, stationery and signage looks the same you will have to do less advertising to make your brand memorable! Make sure you look different to others in your field and that people can identify your company from a quick glance.

Using a design company that can establish a design style across all your material is the fastest way to establish this consistent visual branding.

4) Make sure your sales documents are up to scratch For those who provide quotes or supply information or materials to potential customers before the point of sale it is important that everything the client sees is professional and appealing so to give yourselves the best chance of conversion to a sale. Quality sales material reflects well on your business.

5) Upsell / Cross-sell: Your clients and customers have a relationship with you. That makes it easier to sell additional products or services to them. This may take some creative thinking to extend your offering or may be as simple as better informing your customers about everything you can offer them.

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