Our Website Platforms: Adobe Business Catalyst and Wordpress

Choosing Adobe Business Catalyst for your e-Commerce website
Adobe Business Catalyst

An all-in-one secure hosted solution - created and backed by the software giant Adobe. It is a software as a service (SAAS) product Business Catalyst is a Content Managed System (CMS) with no framework hassles. Search Engine friendly; real time editing; a powerful e-Commerce platform with a variety of payment gateways; built-in web forms and Customer databse records. All technical system updates are included within the monthly billing, so there are no extra costs. We have been working with Business Catalyst since 2006.

Business Catalyst is well suited for large sites and e-Commerce sites, where scaleability is key.

It's strengths are:

  • All-in-one solution with seamless updates
  • World class hosting (Amazon Web Services)
  • Developed and maintained by Adobe
  • Easy to use and great for an out-of-the box solution
  • Integrated email, customer database and online store

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Is Wordpress right for your website?

Wordpress is a Content Managed System (CMS) allowing you (the client) to update your own pages as needed. Originally, Wordpress was created as an easy to use blogging platform, but now is the most popular CMS in the World. It is an open-source software platform, which means that the source software is shared on the internet, allowing hundreds of users to work collaboratively on updating the software for everyone to use. Plugins can be added for extra usability if needed.
If you are familiar with Wordpress or need special customisation not available with the SAAS model, then Wordpress may be the right solution for you. We ask you all the questions to determine which platform is right for you.

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It's strengths are:

  • The world's most popular CMS
  • A vast array of plug-ins to extend your website
  • Access to all core code for complete customisation by our team
  • Cheaper monthly cost due to the Open Source model
  • More portable if you want to host in-house or on your own web server

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