Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation are an expert rehab, specialised care and respite care organisation. The organisation has a long standing foundation in Auckland, and were eager to bring on more clients and show the public that they are open for general services (like using the pool or gym). However, after 40 years of the same design LFR lacked a certain contemporary appeal to new clients and many aspects of their branding, website and promotional items had outdated over time.

We were approached to bring a new lease of life into everything Laura Fergusson branded - new branding, new stationery, a new website with a focus on telling a story about who, what and why LFR are doing what they do.


We took on the mammoth task of a rebrand first - the LFR brand was well established and we didn't want to lose focus of the key colour association of blue. The symbol used in the logo design is a modern representation of a poutama tukutuku, which are traditional woven Maori designs used within their meeting houses. The poutama is unique, as it represents education, progress/growth
and ascension with it’s stepped design. In the poutama design, we created a pattern of multiple steps which represents a wide range of people who come to LFR. The symbol is not enclosed by a restrained shape, as it shows it is open to possibilities and pathways. The structured crisp blue colours convey calm, symbolising peace and strength and reliability as well as being familiar to existing clients.


The second stage of the design process was to focus on uplifting the website. We did this with a complete design overhaul, focusing on using a new palette of vibrant colours to convey a friendly environment, a positive feeling, engagement. Images and actual stories from clients communicate stories to create a sense of connection and understanding.  

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Laura Fergusson Rehabilitation website design by Hanson Creative