Kiwanis NZSP is the New Zealand and South Pacific region of this 100 year old  organisation. With over 700 members in NZ, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Vanuatu and Fiji, Kiwanis NZSP works to support needy children throughout the community.


The Kiwanis NZSP website needed to tell the story of the work being done and draw in potential supporters, partners, volunteers and sponsors. It needed to reach out to the community and draw in new members to support and grow the organisation in the NZ & South Pacific region. Whilst the global site does this fairly well, this local site needed to be on par with the international one. The website incorporated news updates in a blog, upcoming events are advertised, and more awareness is brought to running projects with a new showcase on the front page.

Visit the website at www.kiwanisnzsp.org/

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