Christian Camping NZ (CCNZ) first came to us looking for help putting together a student manual - The 7 Great Habits workbook.
This quickly evolved into helping them redesign their website, and provide a good looking and inspiring, functional site with lots of information for their users (campers and camp managers). As well as the website update, we've created stationery, sub brands, membership guide booklets, posters, infographics and more!


The Website: Taking over after they were left in the lurch from a previous company, we helped CCNZ move their website forward. We added colour and life, with inspiring images, easy navigation and image based buttons that help the user find what they need. The CMS driven site is rather complex, with information not only for individual campers to access, but also for Camp Managers to access everything they need. We've included courses run by CCNZ at camps, a calendar, a camp finder, newsletters, social media, a blog, a forum and all the essential information for planning camps!

Sub-brands: A series of sub-brand logos and marketing materials have been designed for various divisions within CCNZ; Transform Aotearoa, Thrive, and Leader in Training (LIT).
Transform Aotearoa: A logo, business cards, vehicle signage and presentation folders were designed. Take a look at the Transform Aotearoa project for more information.
Thrive: Thrive encompasses a variety of development programmes that CCNZ run. The logo designed by us incorporates an arrow, symbolising growth and improvement.
Leader in Training (LIT): A series of 8 workbook modules for LIT have been designed with personal notebook journals for students, that accompany the workbooks. The 80 page journals (shown below) have sections for each module, motivating verses, hand drawn elements and plenty of space to write notes, draw and doodle on.

Stationery and other advertising materials: We've evolved the CCNZ brand, taking the core essentials from their logo and developed it into a cohesive style that really speaks camping and outdoors. Now the team are equipped with great looking business cards and Membership Guide booklets, BML course flyers, posters and other promotional items.

The 7 Habits Workbook: A complete redesign to the existing document, opened up a whole new look to the workbook, making it attractive to young 'tweens'. We increased the number of pages to allow for clearer diagrams and graphics, and allowed ample room within the workbook for kids to write answers and notes in. The new-look books have proven to be a hit with everybody and are "so much easier to work with".