Capernwray Bible School once had a little coffee shop that only a few people knew about. Since becoming a supplier of Manna Christian Resources, it was decided that the coffee shop needed a rethink and an overhaul of the branding to attract more customers, and make it a nice spot to peruse books and other resources while enjoying a fresh cup of joe.


Inspired by the ring a coffee cup can leave on a table or napkin, a circular logo was designed with a hint to the rings a cup may leave, and type flowing as smooth as the silky millk poured in. New menus, business cards, loyalty cards to punch your drink purchases, posters and signage were developed incorporating tiles for a modern look and feel. The crisp balck and white combination with a core bright blue really makes the brand stand out.

Visit the coffee shop at Capernwray Bible School, 3553 Cambridge Road, Cambridge.