Cambridge Grains is a specialist in horse feed and provide a wide range of quality stock feed for horses, cows, goats, chickens and dogs; and equine products/ accessories.


Cambridge Grains required an online presence, with an online 'shop' for quoting their clients. We built up their branding around the logo, giving the look and feel of the overall store a fresh take, keeping them ahead of the crowd. We undertook a photoshoot session to photograph the majority of their products, for a uniform and professional look on the store this gives the store great visual appeal.
The comprehensive store is constantly updated and maintained by us at Hanson, when required by the client. This helps cut down the workload for the office team at Cambridge Grains and ensures a consistent and professional look for the store.

Visit the website at www.cambridgegrains.co.nz

Cambridge Grains online store designed by Hanson Creative