Bible Society Design Work by Hanson Creative


Bible Society's mission is to help make the Bible accessible to everyone and encourage interaction with it. They translate, produce and provide Bibles in many languages.


The Annual Report: Our first project was an Annual Report, to showcase the year that Bible Society NZ has had and all their accomplishments. We took creative liberty on the project and injected colour, vibrancy and a strong typography layout. Interspersed with some great photos, the Annual Report reflects some great stats and a record of where and who they have been able to help throughout the year. The report booklet was printed on recycled stock, giving it a fantastic authentic look and in a world which is rapidly coming digital, this has had a great response. 

The Bequest Booklet: Following on from the well-received Annual Report, a bequest booklet was required. We continued the vibrant look and feel from the Annual Report, which gave the brochure an aesthetic advantage over similar brochures in the same field.

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